Home schooling, self-study, home-education, which ever term you use is now more popular than ever. Students of varying age groups are now studying in the comfort of their own homes. The courses that can be taken vary from GCSE, A level, vocational qualifications, and compliance courses such as health and safety.

There is still lack of suitable resources and structure and parents and learners still find it daunting trying to organise a self-study course with correct balance of learning, interaction and free time.
We at IQPlus believe that this should not be a barrier. We have a dedicated team of experts who have helped many students through the study at home maze. Our range of on-line courses and dedicated support staff have developed a range of programs that will make the journey to successful qualifications easier.
Before taking at a look at our program let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of home-schooling or self-study.


• Better lifestyle balance

• Safety

• No bullying

• No peer pressure

• Costs saved on transport to school and uniform.


• Lack of social interaction with peer group

• Lack of subject expertise

• Organizing tuition

• Organising exams

• Costs incurred for books and exam registration fees


We will put you in touch with regional groups who organise meet ups and external activities to ensure complete social interaction.

Our online learning suite will make it easier for you to cover the subjects through expert led lessons.

Our exams team will organise booster lessons and exams registration. We will work with families and candidates to make it as pain free and affordable as possible. 



If the child is school age then you need to inform the school – you will need written confirmation


Approach the local authority – Home Elective Study Department


A representative is appointed who will advise further. They can provide essential materials outlining the national curriculum


Choose from arrange of qualification and subjects – see here


Arrange teaching – Teach yourself – get expert help here


Arrange exams – register here


Home educated children can’t go to University or get jobs…
The truth is home educated children tend to do well at University as they are self-motivated learners. They can sit exactly the same type of qualifications as mainstream school children. All that needs to be done is apply through an accredited exam centre and arrange exams. University applications are open to all, whether you are at school or not. You simply apply through UCAS online.

Home educated children have to follow the national curriculum.
Incorrect. The national curriculum is a set of guidelines that mainstream schools follow. Public schools in the UK usually design their own curriculum. The most important thing to do in order to get good grades is to follow the syllabus for the course. This can be done by requesting the syllabus from an accredited centre or online from the awarding body website. An endorsed textbook that follows the syllabus is probably the best way to learn the content for the exam.

Home educated children stay at home all day and are not socialised.
Incorrect. Home educated children tend to be more mature, since they are influenced by adults around them. Parents with younger children can join homeworking clubs which are set up in most counties. It is always a good idea to join sports clubs e.g. cricket or football or swimming.

It’s really hard to get started…
It’s really easy to get started. You simply write to the school and inform them that you have decided to home educate you child. Decide which subjects you would like you child to study. We can advise on choices and methods of study. Once your child is ready arrange exams through an accredited exam centre. Or simply call us and we will talk you through the process. 


“It was really daunting at first… I hated school and was always being picked on, teachers do not do anything, but I came across IQPLus and they helped me arrange lessons and exams. I was so glad I did this. I felt I was in control of my education. Thank you Colin. I hope to study medicine at UNi”

“I started home-schooling after finding the school environment was not conducive to learning. I am so glad I did. I took my GCSE and A levels with IQPlus and was offered a place for Dentistry at University of Leeds. I hope I make the grades!”


What is home education?

Home education is when a child is educated at home rather than at school. It's perfectly legal in the UK to educate your child at home and you don't need to be a qualified teacher to do so.

Children who are home educated receive all their education from their parents or carers, sometimes with the help of outside tutors. If you decide to home educate your child you don't have to follow formal rules about how you teach or when you teach.

In some ways home education is a continuation of the teaching that every pre-school child receives from his or her parent or carer. But from the age of five education is a legal requirement, so if you choose to home educate after this age you need to plan extremely carefully.

Why do people choose home education?

Some people know from an early stage that they want to home educate their child. They may have philosophical or religious reasons for this. Or they may have been home educated themselves or raised in situations in which education wasn't focused on a traditional school environment - their parents may have travelled a lot.

In other cases a child may start off in school but later be taken out and educated at home. The reasons for this vary - a child may have special needs or be unhappy at school in some way. Sometimes parents feel that the methods of teaching in school aren't right for their child and that they can provide a better education for them at home.

Parents sometimes home educate because they can't get a place for their child in a school of their choice.

Where can I find out more about home education?

If you're interested in home education a good first step is to talk to other parents who do it. Many home educating families keep in touch with each other so that they can swap ideas about learning at home and so that their children can socialize.

Education Otherwise is an organisation that can provide you with a wealth information about home education and put you in touch with home educating parents: