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Qualified Tutors

IQ Plus offers Qualified Tutors in all of the subjects that we offer. This enables us to offer a high quality education program to all of our students.

Online Courses

In the text write along with our on-site tuition and courses we offer a range of fully accredited qualifications on –line. These include GCSE and A-levels

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Exam Registration

IQ Plus is an Approved Exam Centre so students can take their exams at one of our venues across the UK. If you are looking to take any type of exam then contact us today on 01733 551111.

IQ PLUS ONLINE – IQ Plus now offer online home education for GCSE and A LEVEL courses. If you would like to enquire about taking a course then contact us today on 01733 551111.

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About IQ Plus

IQ Plus is a Education Centre that provides a complete Education Service. We offer a wide range of GCSE and A Level courses. Our Highly Qualified Tutors ensure that our level of teaching of teaching is never compromised.

Our aim is to help young people achieve the highest grades in all key stage groups. We offer help on career aspiration and education. IQ Plus deliver a high class Education Program on a personalised course, using specialised memory techniques that can be tailored to each individuals needs.

IQ Plus are also Exam Registered so students can take their exams at one of our centres.

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Why Us

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Few Testimonials
Here is some feedback from students and their parents:

Gess disliked chemistry at GCSE, with help from IQPlus she is predicted grade A for A level and has been offered a place at university to do a Masters in Chemistry.

Mrs Magri, (daughter at Kings)

I have been coming to IQ+ since year 9 and would not have got into my schools sixth form without their support. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Jack Moore, Sawtry College

I have been offered a place for dentistry thanks to IQPlus. They helped with my studies and as a home student I managed to find all the resources and tools I needed to succeed. I did chemistry and Biology and the support from IQ was 10/10.

Sami Hussein, Private Home Schooling
  • Tutors

    The teaching method uses goal setting and working towards achievable targets.

  • Teaching Methods

    There will be balance of modern and traditional teaching methods, in a small group environment.

  • Environment

    We aim to fulfil intellectual potential in a calm, friendly atmosphere that promotes the highest personal standards.


IQ Plus Online Academy

We have a suite of on-line learning courses for Vocational, GCSE and A level students. Please visit GCSE Courses for all our current available courses.


Are you looking to run your own tuition centre, training centre or college?

With earning potential of over £100k a year, IQ Plus will allow you to join a fast growth, recession resistant business, while making a difference in the community.

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